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If you are living in Europe and thinking about where to buy some good quality and cheap shoes, you can be very happy that you've reached my blog. But it is pretty dangerous to visit those sites, if you are a shoeaholic (if you know what I mean). I love shoes - with them, you can upgrade your style in a minute and make boring outfit, looking awesome!

1. Ego

No, I am not talking about your ego, I'm talking about a webshop Ego Official. They really know what style is about and what's trending. Heels, boots, trainers, flats and sandals - and non of them are basic. You don't want to be a basic bi*ch, right? They sure do have some basic colors, but shoes are freaking awesome. They are located in Great Britain and ship all over the world. The shipping costs are not that expensive, for example, shipping to Slovenia costs 11 pounds and that is not much. If you want to see what would be the shipping cost to your country, see the Delivery terms. Enough of talking, I bet you want to see which shoes are on my wishlist.

Oh dear god. So classy and chic! This model is named Fiona Pointed Toe Ankle Boot. Just come to momma! I'd love to pair them with some casual jeans, or some not so casual ripped jeans and a pretty little bag. Price: £39.99 ; get them here: click.

Broke and want to save some pennies?

They also have a sale section and lots of discount codes all over the internet. Just google it and stop yawning about it. Here is the sale site, the prices are starting from 6,00 pounds. If you are a student, you get another 15% off. Yay for students! 

2. MandM

I bet you thought about M&M candy! No. Here, I'm not talking about candy, but about shoes. Cheap shoes! Branded cheap shoes! So let's see. You can buy Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Nike, Ugg, Under Armour, Converse for some funny prices. Here, check the whole site: click. Now, I will show you my wishlist. They are also located in Great Britain, the shipping cost is not big (somewhere around 10,00 euros, it's okay, share it with your best friend).

All three above are so pleasingly aesthetic, that I almost can't deal with it. Platform Allstars, short UGG-s and rose gold Superstars. YAS. 


Join the party, join the newsletter. I know it might be disturbing at some times, but webshops do inform you about new discounts and new sales. Next thing, Google it. Google some discount and voucher codes, check out some of your favorite bloggers if they have their own codes - you can really save some money. Also, try to follow your favorite webshops on Instagram - there, you can also catch some daily codes or sales.

And those were my unprofessional broke bit*h advices. You can always look good, even if you don't have that much money, agree? See you later cutiepies.


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